Terms & Conditions

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Before proceeding, kindly review and check our Terms and Conditions for a smooth and secure experience.

  • - Upon receiving relevant information, our team will assist you according to your given order and will start processing it shortly after.

  • - The payments are to be made through Paypal. Nevertheless, we will start processing your order upon paying some up front amount and the remaining balance can be credited after the completion of order.

  • - You can also be entertained by our Installment Plan. Through which, you don’t need to be worried about paying full credits at a time. Therefore, to ensure prompt services for certain, please pay the installments on time.

  • - We at IOS Services, are very serious about being punctual on submitting the orders on time. The completion of order usually takes up to seven to 14 business days. However, in the light of projects being large-scale, the order completion duration will be variable accordingly. Moreover, we will be delighted to keep the client updated about the progress of the projects.

  • - We at IOS Services, have a very strong policy of securing confidential data given by the customer. However, we will not be responsible for any data leakage or misuse.

  • - Any sort of abusive behavior will not be tolerated by IOS Services. You will not post any false, hateful or inaccurate stuff against us. Threatening or defamatory words used against our company will result into your order being canceled.

  • - In the eventuality of any conflict with reference to the designing of website or any late payment, our company withholds the right to evacuate the web pages and image files till the time the issue is being settled.

  • - The company reserves the right to cancel any order anytime for any or no reason, provided that the amount would be refunded. The orders shall be considered accepted only upon the confirmation from the company.

  • - IOS Services will be gratified to be working with our clients if they adhere to the terms and conditions provided by us.

  • - Need more guidance? Please, feel free to contact us via email. Our Customer Support Services will contact you soon.